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ANTH 210
Don Conlee

Chapter 1 Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:41 PM 1. Key features Concept of culture Holistic perspective (approach it economically) ; Roles, status, class Comparative perspective Symbolic Culture i. C.O.C. People's ideas and meaning of communication of those ideas 1) Learned values, beliefs, and rules of conduct shared to some extent by the members of a society that governs their behavior with another ○ American Flag; pride, freedom, patriotism ii. H.P. Material Culture ○ Pottery, jewelry, tools, utensils, clothing, 1) Views cultures as a whole. Considers the connections among actors that contribute to people's behavior housing iii. C.P. 1) Universal/ Diverse: Collects data in many societies to document the diversity of human culture and to understand common patterns 2. Types of Anthropologies : Cultural, Linguistic, Archeology, Biology a. Linguistic Ethology, Ethnography, Ethnocentrism i. Interconnection of languages/culture of society Applied 1) Indigenous languages 2) Historical languages
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