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Chapter 2

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ANTH 210
Don Conlee

Chapter 2 Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:41 PM I. Culture is: a. Learned Subculture i. Formal vs. Informal A group whose member and others think of their 1) The complex includes knowledge beliefs, art, morals, laws, custom, and other capabilities and way of life is different habits 2) Encompasses Norm a) Cultural knowledge Set of expectation and behaviors that is deemed b) Social skill appropriate in their society c) Cultural skill b. Learned socially Cultural Modules i. Taboo; norms prohibited ii. Enculturation/secretism;process of learning someone else's culture of informal observation and Assumptions made about world culture formal instruction c. Adapted i. Behaviors/beliefsthat respond to environmental contrast 1) Intergraded practices and beliefs from: art, language (verbal and nonverbal), II. Studying Culture a. Naturalization i. Ideas/behaviors so deeply embedded in a culture that they are regarded as universally normal or natural b. Culture Wars
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