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Chapter 7

SPMT 319 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Hegemonic Masculinity, Softcore Pornography, National Basketball Association

Sport Management
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SPMT 319

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Chapter 7 Notes Sport and Media 2/27/2017 5:18:00 PM
Sports media devotes little attention to women’s sport or female
athletes when compared to the coverage of men’s sport or male
o Due to the public’s lack of interest in women’s sport
o Largest TV ratings during the Women’s World Cup in 2010
Brandt James
o Argues women’s personalities and career choices were the
reasons for the difference
Sports Media: The Basics
Mass media is powerful
o Ability to transcend time and space limitations that are
inherent in interpersonal and group social settings
Sports media
o Live sporting events
o Media promotion of the events
o Print news coverage of events
Three Functions
o Convey information
o Provide entertainment
o Promote cultural values
General information communicated refers to the statistical and
factual accounts of the sport event
Making it memorable
o Producers must first decide which events to broadcast
o Then choose appealing narratives and images to complement
o Will entertain
The Relationship Between Sport and the Media
Sports media’s ideal combination of entertainment, excitement, and
remarkable audio and visual appeal
Media’s Impact on Sport and Sports Consumers
o Financial rewards
NFL receives nearly 3.1 billion in TV rights fees
Longhorn Network
BCS Bowl Game Dilemma
o Modifications to Sport
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Media casued significant changes to numerous sports
Games moved to awkward times of the day
Expensive video screens installed
Alteration of rules
Free agency for players
Pro teams moving to better markets
Wild-card games designed to increase playoff
40-second play clock in NFl
Designated hitter in the AL
Over expansion
Salary caps
Recruiting abusers
o Sport Made Popular by the Media
US Speed Skating team
Team’s primary sponsor filed for bankruptcy
Stephen Colbert bough
o Media Created Sports and Events
1995 the first X Games
ESPN keeps all revenue
Allows for flexibility
Sport and Sports Fans influence on Media
o Sports section 25% of news content
o First Super Bowl
Televised by NBC and CBS had a rate of 42,000 for a
o Most televised commercial sports have been profitable venues
for sponsors because they attract male consumers
High-end or luxury products
o Using athletes to increase ratings on regular programming
o The Couch Potato Culture
Sedentary Americans will consume traditional sports
media at high levels
o Reaching Global Markets
Permeate all parts of the world and benefit financially
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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