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Chapter 3

PSY 0818 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Female Ejaculation, Androcentrism, Uterus

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PSY 0818

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Sexuality Chapter 3
I. Sexual Pioneers
a. Kinsey Reports offered a rare glimpse into the sexual activities of humans
and they are still cited today as a source of statistical info about sexual
b. Masters and Johnson took it farther from what people say they do to
actually observe it (knowledge about how our sexual bodies function
during sex). They continue to form a basic foundation for helping us to
understand the physiology of human sexual response
c. Physiological processes play a role at least as great as bio
II. EPOR model
a. Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
b. It’s impossible to identify exactly when excitement stops and plateau
begins or the precise instant orgasm starts or ends
c. Some researches believe the plateau phase is unnecessary
d. Vascongestion and sex flush
e. Losing an erection during excitement stage is normal and is easy to get
f. Tenting
g. Clit erects. Uterus engorges with blood, enlarges, and moves slightly
upward in the abdominal. Glans in clit retracts closer to the body.
h. Most women need clit stimulation either before, during, or after
intercourse to achieve orgasm
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