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Chapter 6

PSY 0818 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Masturbation, Foreplay, Cunnilingus

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PSY 0818

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Sexuality Chapter 6
I. Sexual Comfort Zone
a. Erotophobia
b. Erotophilia
c. Sexual Opinion Survey
d. More likely to be erotophilic if parents were good sexual educators, more
frequent masturbation in childhood, and a factual understanding of sexual
topics in adolescence
II. The Sexual Inhibition and Sexual Excitation Scales
a. Seeks to measure individual differences in sexual response patterns,
helping to explain the source of their SOS scores
b. Men and women score similarly but women generally score higher on the
SIS scale
III. Sexual Fantasy
a. Most common sexual activity
b. College men fantasize 7 times a day and women 5
c. 95% of men and women fantasize
d. Majority of people fantasize during sex
e. 25% feel guilty
f. 84% report experiencing intrusive or unpleasant sexual fantasies
g. Many have fantasies that they would never want to experience in real life
IV. Masturbation
a. Large majority of men and women masturbate
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