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Chapter 14

PSY 0818 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Paraphilia, Sexual Addiction, Voyeurism

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PSY 0818

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Sexuality Chapter 14
I. Historical Perspectives
a. Richard von Kraftt-Ebing- Psychopathia Sexualias was a groundbreaking
scientific study of sexual pathology that influenced many medical and
psychiatric writers and researchers
II. Defining Paraphilia
a. Must meet all 3 criteria:
i. The behavior is engaged in for the purpose of sexual arousal or
ii. The behavior tends to be compulsive and recurrent
iii. A clear majority of people in a given cultural setting would
consider the behavior to be strange, deviant, pathological, or
b. Compulsive behavior-behavior that controls a person (can’t stop it even if
you want to)
c. The compulsive aspect of paraphilia typically causes distress and dismay
at being unable to resist the impulse
d. Paraphilias are sexual behaviors that would strike most people in a
particular cultural setting as bizarre
III. Clinical Criteria for Paraphilias
a. Virtually all Paraphilias share some similar characteristics
b. Current diagnostic criteria require that the person has experienced:
recurring, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors
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related to the paraphilia for a period of at least 6 months; the person has
acted on those urges; and the urges have caused marked distress or
interpersonal difficulties
c. The DSM-IV allows for several victimizing Paraphilias to be diagnosed as
disorders if they are acted on, even if they don’t cause distress or
interpersonal difficulties
IV. Sexual addiction
a. Sex addict
b. Not a paraphilia but is defined as a nonparaphilic sexual compulsivity
V. Society’s criteria for judging Paraphilias
a. The behavior is harmful or destructive to the person engaging in it
b. The behavior is illegal
c. The behavior interferes with the person’s ability to form and maintain
loving, intimate, and sexual relationships with others
d. The behavior involves another person without that person’s consent
i. Consensual
ii. Victimless
iii. Most important in determining how most societies will judge the
wrongness of paraphilia
VI. Genders and Paraphilias
a. Nearly all are men (girls are masochists)
b. Men have stronger sexual drive and this overdeveloped sexual appetite
leads them uncontrollably into unusual and compulsive sexual behaviors
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