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Temple University
PSY 1071
Joel Sheffield

Kate Sydnes Psychology as a Natural Science December 1, 2011 Brain Damage and Cognition Notes I. Psychologists who work with brain damaged people a. Clinical neuropsychologists i. Specialize in the diagnostic assessment and treatment of patients with brain injury or neurocognitive deficits b. Cognitive Neuroscientists i. Gain insight about the functional organization of the brain by studying patients with brain lesions 1. Lesions – tissue destruction 2. Damage may be deliberate (experimental) or accidental (head injury, stroke, etc.) 3. Damage to the brain structure (or multiple structures) maybe affect a person’s behavior or abilities II. BrainAnatomy a. Cerebellum i. Coordination and balance b. Hypothalamus i. Basic drives, hunger, thirst, body temperature, sexual behavior c. Hippocampus i. Memoryyy! d. Amygdala i. Emotions! e. Temporal lobe i. Hearing, face recognition, object recognition, comprehension (what pathway) f. Frontal lobe i. Movement, speech g. Parietal lobe i. Touch/sensation ii. Spatial processing (where pathway) h. Occipital lobe i. Vision!! So you can seeeee III. Abnormalities in the “What” pathway a. VisualAgnosia: difficulty identifying objects i. Problem is only visual 1. NOT due to naming impairment 2. NOT due to memory impairment 3. NOT due to deficits in elementary sensation (in other words, they can identify the banana if they touch or smell it, but cannot recognize it) ii. Apperceptive 1. Can’t copy (occipital lesion) iii. Associative 1. Can copy (temporal lesion) iv. Acase of visual agnosia: DF 1. Bilateral lesions to objective-se
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