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The Biological Basis of Sensation Notes.docx

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PSY 1071
Joel Sheffield

Kate SydnesPsychology as a Natural ScienceSeptember 29 2011The Biological Basis of Sensation NotesIVisionthe Perception and Processing of Visual StimuliaWilliam JamesiWhilst part of what we perceive comes through our sense from the object before us another part and it may be the larger part always comes out of our own mind Sensation vs Perception1Sensationthe conversion of the energy from the environment into a pattern of response by the nervous systemaProcess through which environmental energy converted into neural impulses is referred to as transduction2Perceptionthe interpretation of this informationbVision is thought to dominate the other sensesiCan alter your perception of other senses1Our brains determine what we see and hearcThe Continuum of Sensation to Perception see lectureIIThe Anatomy of the EyeaLight enters through cornea which bends light to focus it on the pupiliLight passes through pupil size regulated by the irisiiLens focuses light onto retina through accommodation bThe RetinaiContains photoreceptors cells that respond to light
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