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PSY 1071
Joel Sheffield

Kate Sydnes Psychology as a Natural Science November 17, 2011 Emotion Notes I. Emotions are Contagious, Universal, and a Product of Mental and PhysicalActions a. Darwin i. Emotions must have evolved because they were adaptive ii. Acknowledged the motivational aspect of emotion II. What are Emotions? a. Subjective feeling i. Sometimes referred to as an affect b. PhysiologicalArousal i. E.g. increased heart rate c. Outward expression and behavior i. E.g. tears or laughter III. Emotion, Mood, and Temperament a. Emotions i. Usually in response to something ii. Direct at objects or people iii.Occur relatively quickly b. Moods i. Often just accumulate over time ii. Long-lasting c. Temperament i. Train-like tendency, related to personality IV. Characterizing Emotions a. Are there basic emotions?Are emotional expressions culturally learned? Paul Ekman, based on Lightman from “Lie to Me”!!) i. Found general agreement everywhere on what expressions meant (core emotions) 1. Happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, anger, and fear V. Theories of Emotion a. James-Lange Theory i. Feelings follow the body’s physiological response 1. “We feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble.” 2. But how do we know if we are trembling in fear, anger, or love? b. Cannon-Bard Theory i. Physiological arousal and our emotional experience occur simultaneously 1. E.g. we being
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