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PSY 1071
Joel Sheffield

Kate Sydnes Psych as a Natural Science October 13, 2011 Consciousness Notes I. Unconsciousness a. We are aware of some metal processes, but not others b. Unconscious or subliminal perceptions can influence cognition i. Subliminal perception: stimuli that our sensory systems respond to but never reach the threshold or entering into consciousness c. Model of conscious awareness in the brain i. Neural workspace model: consciousness arises as a function of which brain regions are active ii. No single area of the brain is responsible for awareness 1. N.B. attention increases the level of activity across many brain regions! II. Sleep a. Sleep stages i. Awake ii. Stage 1 1. Theta waves, may have the sensation of falling or that your limbs are jerking, easily awaken iii. Stage 2 1. More regular breathing, less sensitive to external stimulation (~20 min) iv. Stage 3 1. Delta waves, progressing into deep sleep v. Stage 4 vi. REM sleep 1. 60-90 min sleep, the sleep cycle reverses, returning to stage 3 and then 2 2. EEG then will show a flurry of beta activity, marked by rapid eye movement (REM) 3. 80% of the time people are awakened during this stage, they will report dreaming 4. Motor cortex active, don’t move because brainstem blocks messages (paralysis) 5. Paradoxical sleep: the body is internally aroused but externally calm 6. Sleep cycle repeats ~90 min. 7. REM sleep periods get longer as the night goes on and stage 4 sleep is shorter b. Alert wakefulness: beta waves c. Sleepy: alpha waves, slower more synchronized activity d. When do we sleep? i. Circadian rhythms: cycles of activity and inactivity generally lasting 1 day (24 hrs) ii. Sleepiness and alertness will depend on where you are in your circadian rhythm iii.S
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