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Chapter 3

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PSY 2991

Honors Chapter 3IHow do ethical guidelines in research functionaEthicsunderstood as referring to conduct thats considered morally right or morally wrong as specified by codified and culturally ingrained principles constraints rules and guidelinesbActive deception manipulating the truth and passive deception spying on people or omitting pertinent infocLegal institutional and professional ethical guidelines help us evaluate the moral rights and wrongs of particular strategies of doing and reporting researchd Thinking about ethical issues in research also forces us to confront our own moral presuppositions eThe Belmont Report set out basic principles as a foundation for research ethics and established the requirement of informed consent and the use of IRBs to assess the risks and benefits of proposed studies and protect human subjects from harmfEthical principlesaccepted or professed rules of action to help researchers decide what aspects of a study might pose an ethical problem and how to avoid itIIWhats informed consent and when is it usedaPrinciple I respect for persons and their autonomy is the basis of the researchers ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that each potential
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