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Chapter 5

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PSY 2991

Honors Chapter 5IWhat are the uses and limitations of selfreport measuresaSelfreport measuresrespondents or participants description or report of their own behavior or state of mindbStandardized measures measurements such as psychological test requiring that certain rules be followed in the development administration and scoring of the measuring instrumentcEvaluation apprehensionMJ Rosenbergs term for the experience of feeling discomfort about the possibility of being negatively evaluated or not positively evaluated d4 fundamental issues in the use of self report measures concerniThe truthfulness of what people report especially when the info is personal and sensitiveiiThe ethical and potentially risky implications of such info particularly the researchers havent been professionally trainediiiThe validity of info that depends on remembering some past eventivThe comparison of peoples scores when individual sensitivities or thresholds of response are so different that cue words on rating scales mean different things to different people normreferencedIIWhat are openended and fixed choice itemsaOpenended itemsquestions or statements that offer respondents an opportunity to express their feelings motives opinions or reactions spontaneously
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