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PSY 3221
Jeremy Tyler

Critical Thinking Chapter 1IResearch Producers Research ConsumersaWhy the producer role is importantiThinking like a psychologist means thinking like a scientist and thinking like a scientist involves thinking about empirical dataiiSome students need skills as producers of research they develop research methods skills to work in research labs and discover new knowledgebWhy the consumer role is importantiSome students need skills as consumers of research they need to be able to find read and evaluate the research behind important policies therapies and workplace decisionsiiSome professions require you knowing the research behind evidencebased treatments therapies that are supported by researchcThe benefits of being a good consumer iHaving good consumer of research skills means being able to evaluate the evidence behind the claims of as saleperson journalist or researcher and making better more informed decisions by asking the right questionsIIHow scientists approach their workaScientists are empiricistsiThey systematically observe the world
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