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Critical Thinking 2

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PSY 3221
Jeremy Tyler

Critical Thinking Chapter 2IThe Research Vs your experienceaPeoples beliefs can be based on their own experience their intuition on authorities or on controlled researchresearch info is the most accuratebExperience has no comparison groupiComparison groupa group in an experiment whose level on the independent variable differs from those of the treatment group in some intended and meaningful wayiiBeliefs based on experience may not be accurate because they have no comparison groupiiiIn contrast research explicity asks compared to whatcPersonal experience is often confounded potential alternative explanation for research findingthreat to internal validity and its hard to isolate the variablesdResearch is better than experience iCan design studies that include appropriate comparison groups confederatean actor playing a specific role for the experimenteriiCan closely control for confounding variableseResearch is probabilisticiConclusions based on research are probabilisticiiResearch findings arent able to predict or explain all cases all of the timesiiiInstead they can predict or explain a high proportion of cases
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