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PSY 3791
Pamela Shapiro

Conducting Research Chapter 1IWhat is science and what do scientists doaScienceiA set of methods used to collect info about phenomena in a particular area of interest and build a reliable base of knowledge about themiiKnowledge is acquired via research which involves a scientist identifying a phenomenon to study developing hypotheses conducting a study to collect data analyzing the data and disseminating the resultsiiiScience also involves developing theories to help better describe explain and organize scientific info thats collectedbScientistiSomeone who does scienceadopts the methods of science in hisher quest for knowledgeiiAll have the common goal of acquiring knowledge through the application of scientific methods and techniquescScience is a way of viewing the worldskepticalIIBasic and applied researchaBasic researchiConducted to investigate issues relevant to the confirmation or disconfirmation of theoretical or empirical positionsiiMajor goal is to acquire general info about a phenomenon
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