PBHL 2203 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Social Influence, Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning

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4 Feb 2017

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Chapter 3 Health Behavior and Primary Prevention
Health Promotion- Is a general philosophy that has at its core the idea that good health, or
wellness, is a personal and collective achievement.
People will develop a good health habits early in life and carry them throughout adulthood.
Health Behaviors Are behaviors undertaken by people to enhance or maintain their health.
Poor health behaviors are important not only because they are implicated in illness but also
because they may easily become poor health habits.
Health Habit- Is a health-related behavior that is firmly established and often performed
automatically without awareness.
Practicing and Changing Health Behaviors:
Demographic Factors
Personal control
Social Influence
Personal goals
Cognitive factors
The Health Belief Model- According to this model, whether a person practices a particular
health behavior depends on two factors: whether the person perceives the a personal health
threat, and whether the person believes that a particular health practice will be effective in
reducing that threat.
Self-Efficacy- An important determinant of health behaviors. The belief that one is able to
control one’s practice of a particular behavior.
Theory of Planned Behavior- According to this theory, a health behavior is the direct result of a
behavior intention. Behavioral intentions are themselves made up of three components. Attitudes
toward the specific action, subjective norms, regarding the action, and perceived behavior
Attitudes toward the action are based on beliefs about the likely outcomes of actions and
evaluations of those outcomes. Subjective norms are what a person believes others think that
person should do (normative beliefs) and her or his motivation to comply with those normative
Perceived behavior control is the perception that one is capable of preforming the action and that
the action undertaken will have the intended effect.
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