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Chapter 9

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SOC 0851

Chapter 9IMeasuring the worlds workaSome evidence indicates that theres an important link between the economic growth of a country or region and the rates of employment of women much dont count informal laborbOwnaccount workers those who are selfemployed with no employees working for themcContributing family workersare a kind of ownaccount worker who works without pay in an establishment operated by a related person living in the same householddExpanding the ways in which we define work to include a wide range of activities is important in that it begins to dismantle our very gendered notions of work as something thats primarily done by adult meneThe types of economic activity are more likely to be engaged in worldwide are labeled by the UN as vulnerable employment more likely to be in the informal sector such as ownaccount workers or contributing family workersfThose working in the informal economy are less likely to have access to basic social services while being more likely to fall prey to illness property loss disability etcgWork has become a deeply gendered institutionIIMasculinity and workaMen describe their identities by what they do for a living
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