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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 2 2851Sociological Theories of GenderAThe most contribution of feminism to sociology was to place topics such as gender and sexuality on the agenda of sociologists and to encourage a critical reflection on the place of gender within the larger disciplineaChange was signaled in part during the 70s when academic journals within sociology began publishing issues that focused on gender or featured the works of feminist scholarsbThis was the first step to developing theories that sought to explain gender from a specifically sociological perspectiveBNormative makes suggestions not just about the way things are but about the way things should beCPrivate TroublesaThose problems we face that have to do with ourselves and our immediate surroundings Mills called them milieuxbSolvable within ourselves individually or within a limited range of the people around uscThe power to redress the problem is basically within our own controlDPublic IssuesaExist beyond the individual or her own immediate milieu and theyre located within the larger structures of our societiessuch as social institutionsbThe history part of the intersection between biography and history
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