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Chapter 5

Gender Chapter 5

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 4ISocializationaFundamental concept for sociologists bDefined as the ways in which we learn to become a member of any group including the very large group we call humanityIIGender Socialization the process through which individuals learn the gender norms of their society and come to develop an internal gender identityIIIGender norms the sets of rules for what is appropriate masculine and feminine behavior in a given cultureIVGender identity the way in which being feminine or masculine a woman or a man becomes an internalized part of the way we think about ourselvesstSex Assignment 1 step in gender socializationIA baby has a penis if his genitalia are longer than 25 centimetersaSocial construction approachbDoctors believe that 25 is the cutoff because otherwise boys wouldnt be able to participate in the important social experience of peeing standing upcHad to be able to have penetrative sex with a woman social because in order to be a normal male you had to be heteroIIGenital Tubercle Penises in males and clitorises in females develop from the same undifferentiated organ in embryosIIIKlinefelter XXY and Turner X
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