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Chapter 4

Gender Chapter 4

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 5IMasculinity and SexualityaComfort womenbboys will be boys approach and these behaviors on the part of peacekeeping soldiers werent viewed as a problem by the international community cPascoe Fagthe term was reserved for identifying any male who perceived as having an unmasculine and therefore problematic identitydSexual dsyfunctions involve the whole person Men are left without powereCompulsive heterosexuality heterosexuality is an institutionfRich identified the import role played by sexuality in reinforcing gender inequality Sexuality is deeply gendered gHeterosexuality as an institution doesnt serve the same purpose when enforced upon men as it does when enforced upon women Has the power to dictate norms and distribute power and privilegehMilitary sexual complexnagel argued that sex itself is militarized men have a need for sex so great that they can be motivated to do things like kill and die partly in exchange for ready access to sex iMilitarization of sex suggests a belief that sexual desire of men is a pressing need that must be metjSexual subjectssexual objects kStolenbergmen are deprived of the opportunity to experience sex as something more than just a performance of masculinity due to their need
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