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Chapter 6

SOC 0851 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Hegemonic Masculinity, Psychoanalytic Theory, Color Wheel Theory Of Love

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SOC 0851

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Gender Chapter 6
I. Friendship
a. Friendship involves sentiment and sociability
b. Sociability is associated with friendship because it conveys the concept of
being social purely for the sake of enjoyment with no ulterior motives
c. Friendship-a voluntary, informal, and personal relationship. Relationship
between status equals, two people who are roughly on the same social
d. Men’s friendships are more public and side by side (do things together but
don’t engage in the kind of conversational intimacy of women. Not good
at verbal intimacy and don’t share much personal info in friendships
e. Women were seen as inadequate to the task of forming friendships because
friendships were important, and women were seen as generally inferior at
anything that society deemed important (face to face friendships)
f. Psychoanalytic theory argues that boys learn masculinity by denying their
connection to their mothers and so learn masculinity not through direct
experience but by identifying with absent or less present fathers
(connection is much easier for women) have to live up to hegemonic
g. Rubin found that men often associated male friendship with
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