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Chapter 10

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 10IMedia corporations are concerned with making a profit while media organizations that are owned or controlled by the government may be invested in educating the public or serving the interests of the government itselfIIOnly a handful of women occupy the top management positions but 85 of women make up the consumersIIIBieblypop culture industries might intensify the ways in which gender stereotypes are employed making them perhaps even worse than in other occupations and industries gender becomes an important component of the decision making processIVFemale executives in tv are more likely to be confined to feminine divisions VGender gets built into the very ways in which some media organizations functionVIMarket segmentation and commodificationVIIThe world of advertising is gendered because it reflects stereotypical assumptions and projections and it allows advertisers to reach consumers through the medium of a core individual identity and as a M or WVIIIMen are sexualized as sexual subjects while women are sexualized as sexual objectsMedia Power Vs People PowerIMedia Power Theory culture ceases to be something thats made by the people rather it becomes something thats imposed from above and churned out by industrial entities
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