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Chapter 11

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SOC 0851

Gender Chapter 11IPoweraPowerthe ability of some actors to influence the behavior of others whether through the use of persuasion authority or coercionbCoercive powerthe ability to impose ones will by force threats or deceitcAuthoritypower that comes from a position in an organization or institution thats widely regarded as legitdInstitutionalized powerpower that derives from the strength of an institutioneMasculinity was equated with the possession of power some men dont have equal accessfHegemonic definition of manhoodman in power a man with power and a man of powergMen must exert power of actual women but also over any feminine characteristics in themselveshMen must avoid at all costs the slightest indication of affection love or sexual interest in other men because this too calls into question their masculinityiEmasculationjThe willingness and ability to use violence becomes for many men an important way in which to prove and defend their manhoodkMen are often coerced themselves by other men but have power at a societal level
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