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TAMUOCNG 251Ryan, DarcieSpring

OCNG 251 Chapter 7: Ocean Circulation

OC93759016 Page
20 Jul 2016
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TAMUBESC 201Katie StoddardFall

BESC 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9-16: National Forest Management Act Of 1976, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Forest Ecology

OC85719020 Page
27 Mar 2016
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TAMUMUSC 201Laurine MarlowFall

MUSC 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Francesco Landini, Melisma, Ballata

OC5057923 Page
17 Sep 2015
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TAMUBIOL 111Rao AshaFall

BIOL 111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Cytosine, Disulfide, Beta Sheet

OC8571903 Page
24 Apr 2016
Polymer- long molecule linked by strong covalent bonds. Monomers- serve as building blocks of a polymer. Dehydration reaction- two molecules are bonded
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TAMUBIOL 111Tag AndrewFall

BIOL 111 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Osmoregulation, Tonicity, Cell Wall

OC10025811 Page
31 Jul 2016
Cholesterol reduces a membranes uidity; hinders the packing of phospholipids-> affects permeability. Unsaturated hydrocarbons/phospholipids allow membr
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TAMUPOLS 206Jon BondFall

POLS 206 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Native American Rights Fund, National Woman Suffrage Association, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

OC21778876 Page
29 Sep 2017
Lgbt individuals have suffered discrimination and been denied rights and liberties. Women: women were prevented from voting and owning property and den
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TAMUPOLS 206Christine LipsmeyerFall

POLS 206 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2-4: Second Continental Congress, Daniel Shays, Connecticut Compromise

OC14219972 Page
5 Jan 2017
Const. rule of law (gov"t actions cant be arbitrary) is the foundation of a successful gov"t. Elites v radicals until british tax and trade policies sp
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TAMUBICH 410PozziFall

BICH 410 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Non-Competitive Inhibition, Suicide Inhibition, Catalytic Cycle

OC10142901 Page
14 Oct 2016
Enzymes maintain physiological reactions by exerting kinetics control over the thermodynamic potentiality of a reaction. Enzymes have sites that are co
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TAMUCHEM 227Ponnamperuma KrishanFall

CHEM 227 Chapter 7: a plus ch 7

OC4922949 Page
11 Oct 2016
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TAMUOCNG 251Ryan, DarcieSpring

OCNG 251 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Riprap, Dune, Oast House

OC9375906 Page
20 Jul 2016
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TAMUMUSC 226Kimberly A KattariFall

MUSC 226 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Baby Boomers, Sweet Little Sixteen, Sixty Minute Man

Aiswarya Suresh2 Page
25 Nov 2018
Baby boomers: born after ww2, came of age in 1950s, first generation to really be self-aware of its own cultural indentity- teen culture, generally mor
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TAMUPSYC 204Samuelson CharlesSummer

PSYC 204 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1,2,3,9,10: Null Result, Stopwatch, Pilot Experiment

OC108399719 Page
9 Aug 2016
Chapter 1: psychology is a way of thinking. Psychologists are empiricists- base ones conclusions on systematic observations. Research procedures, resea
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