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Chapter 14

NUC K117 Chapter 14: Neutron Interaction

Nuclear Engineering Technology
Course Code
NUC K117

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I. Neutron Interactions!
1. Four Modes of Neutron Interaction!
Elastic Scattering!
Inelastic Scattering!
Radiative Capture!
Particle Emission !
2. Elastic Scattering!
Neutron absorbed by nucleus. A neutron is emitted. It and the original
nucleus end up with all the kinetic energy and momentum of the original
3. Inelastic Scattering!
Neutron absorbed by nucleus. A neutron is emitted, but some kinetic energy
remains in the nucleus as excitation. The excitation energy is Later reduced
via a photon ( ) emission!
4. Radioactive Capture!
Neutron strike and is totally absorbed by nucleus, forming an excited
‘compound’ nucleus that emits a prompt photon ( ) and returns to its
ground state!
5. Particle Emission!
Similar to above, except that a particle is ejected, along with a decay photon.
The ejected particle may be beta, alpha, neutron, or even proton!
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