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Chapter 7

NUC K117 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Electronvolt, Neutrino, Unified Atomic Mass Unit

Nuclear Engineering Technology
Course Code
NUC K117

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I. Particle Emissions and Matter!
1. Two Classifications!
Charged particles directly ionize the media through which they pass!
Uncharged particles and photons can cause ionization only directly or by
secondary radiation !
2. Charged Particles!
A moving charged particle has an electrical field surrounding it !
It interacts with electrons in the atoms of the medium it’s traveling in !
The electrons may acquire enough energy to escape from the parent atom!
When radiation ‘strips’ orbital electrons from an atom, it is called ‘ionization’
3. Particles (Uncharged)!
Uncharged moving particles have no electrical field!
They only lose energy & cause ionization by such means as direct collision or
4. Photons (Uncharged)!
Packets of electromagnetic energy that transfer energy through!
Photoelectric Eect!
Compton Scattering!
Pair Production!
5. Ionizing Power!
I = Ionizing Power%%%KE = Kinetic Energy!
M = Particle Mass!
Z = # of Charge Units Carried !
6. Alpha ( ) Particles!
Produced by decay of heavy nuclides and form a few other nuclear reactions!
Two protons, two neutrons!
Double (++) charge; high ionization!
Deposits a large amount of energy over short distance!
Stopped by a few cm of air or simply a sheet of paper!
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