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Chapter 16

NUC K117 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Compton Scattering, Photon, Electrical Contacts

Nuclear Engineering Technology
Course Code
NUC K117

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I. Radioactive Decay & Gamma Emission!
1. Photons at gamma-ray levels of energy often accompany particle emission
during the decay process. This allows the nucleus to settle into a less excited
state following the event!
This decay to also results in two game rays of 1173 Kev and
1332 Kev following the original decay!
2. Gamma Ray!
Gamma radiation is a high-energy form of electro-magnetic radiation that
originates in the nucleus !
Gamma rays are photons which are discrete bundles of energy that have
both wave and particle properties!
Gamma rays interact with matter through the processes of Photoelectric
Eect, Pair Production, and Compton scattering!
3. Compton scattering!
An incident photon strikes an orbital electron and imparts enough energy to
eject the electron from its orbit, thus ionizing both the electron and the parent
atom. The scattered photon carries what energy remains after the scattering
CO60 β
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