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BIOL 120 Genetics- Cell cycle, mitosis, cancer.pdf

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Towson University
BIOL 120
Christa R.Partain

BIOL 120 Genetics-Cell Cycle, Mitosis, Cancer • Somatic Cells - body cells - mitosis - for growth/repair - makes identical copies • Germ Cells - sex cells - meiosis - to make gametes (egg/sperm) - makes unique cells - ½ chromosomes # * one of each type of chromosome ▯ Overview of Cell Division (somatic Cell) 1.Replication: DNA is duplicated 2.Mitosis: The two quantities of DNA are moved to opposite sides of the parent cell 3. Cytokinesis: The parent cell splits into two daughter cells The Cell Cycle 1. Interphase: DNA is copied 2. Mitosis: DNA split equally into two daughter cells 3. Cytokinesis: Parent Cell is cleaved in half Uncondensed/Condensed During Interphase, the chromosomes are uncondensed or usable. ▯ During M Phase (Mitosis), the chromosomes are condensed or movable. ▯ Chromosomes and DNA Replication Chromatin – a mass of genetic material composed of DNA and proteins that condense to form chromosomes. Chromatid – one of the two identical copies of DNA making up a duplicated chromosome, which are joined at their centromeres. ▯ DNA Replication Precedes cell division. ▯ A) The double-stranded DNA molecule is copied – first by splitting the molecule in half up the middle of the helix. New nucleotides are added to each side of the original parent molecule.Results in the production of 2 identical daughter DNA molecules from 1 parent molecule. Each daughter DNA molecule contains half of the parental DNA and half of the newly synthesized DNA. ▯ B) The DNA polymerase enzyme m
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