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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 201
Gianluca Di Fazio

Barkan Chapter 3 pp. 48-60 Primary Sources of Crime Data • Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) • National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) • Self-Report Surveys • National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) 
 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) • The FBI compiles a large database of crimes reported and arrest made each year throug - hout the US • Data is collected from local law enforcement agencies • The data is published yearly 
 - Offenses by city, county, metropolitan are and geographical division of US. 
 - Characteristics of individuals arrested (age, race, and gender). • UCR has part 1 crimes and part II crimes and cleared crimes 
 -Part I crimes: Murder, rape, robbery, assault, theft, arson
 -Part II crimes: Forgery, fraud, vandalism and other minor crimes
 -Cleared crimes (20%): Persons arrested, charged, prosecuted, exceptional means • The UCR has issues of Validity and Accuracy
 -Reporting practice: Dark figure of crime, less than 40% of crimes are reported to the po- lice.
 -Law enforcement practices: different definitions, errors, lack of reporting, record kee- ping practices, cooked up stats
 -Methodological issues: No federal and white collar crimes are reported, many serous crimes are not counted. • The strength of the UCR is that the data collected in a consistent and stable fashion. • Weaknesses of the UCR: Unreported crimes, Omission of white collar crimes, reporting errors. 
 ▯ Nation Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) • Requires local police agencies to provide a brief account of each incident and arrest, in- cluding description of incident, victim and offender 
 -More than 20 states participate • Expanded crime categories, 46 specific serious offenses and 11 less serious offenses, 
 will inc
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