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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 201
Gianluca Di Fazio

Barkan, Chapter 4 (Who are the Victims of Crime) • Crime Victims are someone who suffers because of a crime. Patterning of Victimization • Geographical Patterns of Victimization -Urban areas have higher victimization rates the suburban or rural areas. Social Patterns of Victimization -Victimization varies by the demographic characteristic of people. Gend•r Race and Ethnicity -Males have a higher victimization rate than females, especially homicide.
 -Women experience nearly all the rape victimization
 -AfricanAmerican have a higher victimization rate than whites especially for homicide. • Family Income
 -The lower the income the higher the rate of victimization of violent and property crimes. • Race,Age, and Gender
 -AfricanAmerican males are the most likely and old White females are the least likely. -Old are a lot less likely to be victimized • Victim Offender Relationship
 -Strangers commit more victimization to men .
 -Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know. -Intimate partners commit more violence towards women than men. • Perceived Race, Gender, andAge of Offenders
 -Most white homicide victims are killed by White offenders. -AfricanAmericans commit the most robbery.
 - Most offenders are male.
 -Most offenders are young.
 -Most offenders are white. (NCVS) • Crime Characteristics
 -There is a heavy involvement of alcohol and drugs in violent crimes. -Crimes mainly occur at night.
 -Weapons are used 20% of the time in violent crimes
 -About 60% of
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