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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 201
Gianluca Di Fazio

Reiman and Leighton, Chapter 2, pp. 65-86 This chapter in the book talked about articles that where in the newspaper
 “Company In Mine Deaths Set to Pay ab Big Fine”, New York Times, February 21, 1993 • Incident -Ten mine workers died as a result of very high methane levels
 -The company have falsified reports of the methane levels and required the workers to work un- der unsupported roofs. Consequences -The company was fined $3.75 million -The acting foreman at the mine was the only one charged by the federal government. Since he cooperated with the investigation he received the minimum sentence which was probation to six months in prison. ▯ “Mass Murder on the 5:33” New York Times, December 10, 1993 Incident • - Collin Ferguson boarded a commuter train in Garden City, Long Island, and methodically shot passengers with a 9 millimeter pistol, killing five and wounding 18. Consequences - Collin Ferguson was deemed a Murderer Arguments The argument of this chapter in the book was Why is Collin Ferguson a “murderer”, while the mine company actions were and “accident” (not a murder)?
 • The reality of crime ( what is a criminal act, who are the criminals) is created. ReimansArgument • In the US, the label “Crime” is not used to name all or the worst of actions that cause misery and suffering toAmericans • “Crime” is primarily reserved for the dangerous actions of the poor • The typical Criminal is: Male, young, urban, black, and poor • The typical crime is One-on-one harm (physical injury, loss of something valuable or both) Desire of someone to harm someone else. • Indirect harm not considered “typical crime
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