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Criminal Justice
CRMJ 201
Gianluca Di Fazio

Glassner, “Crime in the news” • Americans are afraid of the wrong things (crime, drugs, plane crashes, health scares) • Misperception of true extent of dangers and threats 
 -Exaggerated sense of individual risk 
 -When in reality we have never been safer • Fear comes from politics, media, advocacy groups, marketers aim to gain votes, ratings, 
 donations, and profits by exploiting individuals and social anxieties and blowing 
 dangers out of proportions • The ideal crime story has: 
 -innocent likeable victims
 -uncaring monster-like perpetrators
 -shocking, yet easy to relate details of crime
 -underlying social significance, revealing some kind of societal crisis • Journalist are fond of crimes stories that help them make sense of some other phenomenon they are having trouble covering 
 -They lower their professional standards and skepticism to pursue the ideal crime story. 
 The online article had stories showing how the media exaggerates stories or how they don’t follow up the facts.
 • Stories of Halloween sadist in the 1970s and 1980s 
 -Razor blades in apples and
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