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Family and Human Services
FMST 101
Andrew Quach

FMST 101 Chapter 6: Romance, Love, and Loving Relationships ▯ Romantic vs. Realistic (Long Term) Love • Romantic Love: ▫ Characterized by beliefs such as • Love at first sight • Only one true love • Love conquers all. ▫ Symptoms of romantic love include • Drastic mood swings • Heart palpitations • Intrusive thoughts about the partner • Realistic Love: • Also known as conjugal love • Less emotional, passionate, and exciting than romantic love • Characterized by companionship, calmness, comfort, and security ▯ How Couples Change: Romantic vs Realistic Love • Romantic love fairly simple compared to realistic love • Romantic love sometimes self-centered… realistic love is altruistic • Romance is typically short-lived because love changes over time • Realistic love grows and develops… romantic love typically immature • Realistic love proves security and constancy ▯ General Theories of Love • Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love • 3 Components • Intimacy • Emotional warmth, closeness, and/or connection • Passion • Physical attraction and sexual consummation • Decision & commitment • Cognitive assessment of love • Maintain that love (commitment) over time Eight Love Types 1. Nonlove: • Absence of intimacy, passion and commitment 2. Liking: • Intimacy without passion or commitment • A new friendship or association with a co-worker 3. Infatuation • Passion without intimacy or commitment • Two persons flirting with each other in a bar may be infatuated with each other. 4. Romantic love • Intimacy and passion without commitment • Love at first sight reflects this type of love 5. Companionate/conjugal love • Intimacy and commitment without passion • A couple who have been married for fifty years are said to have a companionate love. 6. Fatuous love • Passion and commitment without intimacy • A couple who are passion
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