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Family and Human Services
FMST 101
Andrew Quach

- FMST 101 Ch. 5 Gender In Relationships Terminology • Gender • Social & psychological traits associated with being male and female • Gender Identity How individuals feel and express their gender and gender roles • • Appearance, personality, behaviors • Gender Roles • Social expectations for each respective gender • Gender Role Ideology: • Beliefs about proper role relations between men & women • Appropriate behaviors and expectations within a specific context • Gender dysphoria • Your gender identification does not match your biological sex • Transgender • Person of one biological sex who displays traits of the other sex ▯ Theories of Gender Development • Social Learning: • Using rewards and punishment to teach children appropriate gender behaviors and expectations • Identification: • Children acquire gender characteristics and behaviors by observing and imitating their same-sex parent • RoleAppropriation • How individuals learn, adjust, and relinquish their gender roles • Significant Other: • Important individuals who provide a model of how to behave and think • Complementary Other: • Individuals who fulfill reciprocal gender roles that directly impact your gender behaviors and perspective ▯ Influences on Individual’s Perspectives Regarding Gender ▯ • Family: • Clothes •
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