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Towson University
Family and Human Services
FMST 101
Andrew Quach

FMST 101 Chapter 4: Immigrant Families ▯ Illegal Immigrants: Statistics and Attitudes • Perspectives on this issues dependent on different factors: • When economy is financially strong, society welcomes immigrants. • When economy is financially weak, immigrants seen as taking away jobs. • Critics allege that low-skilled workers overload schools and welfare systems. • Because immigrants are younger, poorer, and less well-educated, they use more government services and pay less in taxes. ▯ Experiences of Illegal Immigrants • Racism and language barriers recent easy transition to a new culture. • Employment recruiters promise jobs and training. • Reality is that immigrants sometimes live at or below the poverty line because they do not receive the promised wages and/or benefits • Immigrants are more likely to take jobs that other americans are less willing to take • which can put them at risk for physical problems ▯ Race and Ethnicity • Race • Group of people who are different from the majority-category people because of physical characteristics (i.e., skin color) • Sociologist and anthropologist view race as a social construct • Ethnicity • Set of people who identify with a particular national origin or cultural heritage • Difference • Race is about biology • Ethnicity is about culture ▯ Racism, Discrimination, and Prejudice • Racism • The belief that one’s own racial and/or ethnic group is inherently superior to others. • Prejudice • Attitude that prejudges people, usually in a negative way, who are different from us in a race, religion, ethnicity, or some other social characteristic •
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