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Chapter 10

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PSYC 101
Barbara Wilson

PSYC 101 Chapter 10: Motivation Motivation -An internal state of force that: -activates and gives direction -keeps us focused on a goal -drives/moves people to meet the goal -It energized, directs, and sustains behavior Biology of Hunger -Gastric signals: signs of hunger that originate in the stomach -the stomach contracts indicating hunger -the full stomach releases hormone cholecystokinin (CCK)- the “off signal” -CCK signals the brain satiety -Blood chemistry -glucose drops: sugar receptors in brain and liver signal start eating center of brain. You feel hungry -Insulin (hormone) -Leptin decreases food intake and increases metabolism Hunger and the Brain There are certain regions that are hunger centers -Hypothalamus Lateral hypothalamus: initiation of hunger and eating Ventromedial hypothalamus: when activated results in, cessation of hunger and restricts eating Neurotransmitters -Leptin: inhibits the production of a neurotransmitter in the hypothalamus that induces eating -Serotonin: partly responsible for the satiating effect of CCK Obesity and Eating Behavior Biology of overeating Obesity Is widespread Genetics: there are a # of fat cells that are genetically given to us Set point: the weight maintained with no effort to gain or lose weight Fat (adipose) cells Psychological Factors -in the past the focus was on : emotional state and external food cues -current research if focusing: time and place cues—learned association
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