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Chapter 13

PSYC 201 Chapter 13: chapter 13 psych

Course Code
PSYC 201
Barbara Wilson

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Chapter 13 PSYCH 201
Learning Goals
1. Define motivation and compare the behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and social
perspectives on motivation
2. Discuss the important processes in motivation to achieve
3. Explain how relationships and sociocultural contexts can support or undercut motivation
Recommend how to help students with achievement problems
Motivation-involved the processes that energize, direct, and sustain behavior
Critical aspect of learning and teaching
Perspectives on Motivation
The behavioral perspective emphasizes external rewards and punishments as key
determinants of student motivation
The humanistic perspective stresses studets’ apait for persoal groth, freedo to hoose
their own destinies, and positive qualities
Humanistic Perspective
Araha Maslo’s HIerarh of Needs
Needs to be met in sequential order
Achievement of basic needs critical
Hierarchy of Needs
5. Self- Actualization
4. Self- Esteem
3. Love and Belonging
2. Safety
1. Physiological
Cognitive Perspective
Fouses o studet’s thoughts:
Guiding their competence motivation
Their internal motivation to achieve
Their attractions
Their beliefs that they can effectively control their environment
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