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SOCI 101
Edith Brotman

SOCI 101 Lecture 5▯ ▯ • Problems of having kids without marriage▯ • Why is it important to know who the dad is?▯ • Money, social status, land ownership▯ • Things get passed along through the family▯ • Who belonged to whom▯ • When problems are solved for you you have more free time to focus on other things▯ • Institutions: relatively stable and predictable social arrangements created and sustained by people that have emerged over time with the purpose of coordinating human activities to meet human needs, such as food, shelter, clothing characterized by:▯ 1. History- they have standardized ways of doing things that come to be viewed as custom and traditional that are unquestioned by most people ▯ 2. They change over time although the rate of change varies from era to era▯ 3. Allocate scarce and valued resources ▯ 4. Promote ideologies that legitimate there existence▯ ▯ Big Social Institutions:▯ Family▯ Education- transfer information from 1 generation to the next ▯ Religion▯ Government▯ Economic system▯ Art▯ ▯ Smaller Social institutions:▯ Transportation▯ Media▯ Health Car
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