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SOCI 101
Edith Brotman

▯ Religion Definitions:▯ 1. A system of beliefs, practices, philosophical values shared by a group of people; it defines the scared, helps explain life and offers salvation from the problems of human existence ▯ 2. A social institution involving beliefs and practices based on a conception of the sacred▯ 3. (Durkheimian) A social institution characterized by ▯ 1. belief that some things are sacred▯ 2. set of practices that center on scared things▯ 3. the creation of a moral community that arises form these beliefs and practices ▯ What is sacred is:▯ protected, worshiped, valued-venerated, set apart by lots of people (durkheim), not ordinary or everyday▯ The opposite of sacred is profanity which is ordinary and every day. ▯ ▯ Ascribe vs Achieved Identity:▯ • Ascribe is what your born into ▯ • Achieved is what you accomplish or achieve on your own or self in own lifetime ▯ ▯ Protestant Reformation▯ -In Germany Martin Luther (1571)▯ 1. Rejection of wealth of the church▯ 2. Individual is very important ▯ 3. Pope- hierarchy ▯ 4. Vernacular language (language of people praying) ▯ ▯ Sacred language- lat
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