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Chapter 12

Genki Chapter 12 [notes].docx
Genki Chapter 12 [notes].docx

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11 Meaning: 1111 • Mode of explaining things with 2 components o 1 component is what’s explicitly described o 2 component is what’s implied • 111 links the components • Can also be used to provide additional comment to what has just been said Conjugation: • 111 goes after the short form of a predicate o Can be affirmative or negative, present or past Rules: • When following a 1-adj. or a noun, 1 comes in between o 1-adj: 111な111 o Noun: 1111な111 • In casual exchanges, 111 appears in its short form, 111 Examples: 1. 111111111111 (As it happens,) the bus didn’t come. 2. 11111111111。 I have an exam tomorrow.1 111111111111な I have an exam tomorrow (so I can’t go out tonight) 3. 11111111111 I want to go to the bathroom. 11111111111な I want to go to the bathroom (so tell me where it is) 4. 111111111111111 That’s a great textbook that you are using. 1111111111111111111 The professors at my university wrote it (for your information). 1 11 Meaning: 1111 • Helping verb,111, follows verb stems to mean: “too much” or “to excess” • Used when something is beyond normal or proper, suggesting you do not welcome it Conjugation: • 111 conjugates as a regular ru-verb • 111 can follow 1- adj. and 1-adj. bases. o You drop the 1 and 1 at the end of the adjectives and add 111 Rules:1 • 111/ 111 if you want to say something is in high degree Examples: 1. 11111111111
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