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Unipolar Movement

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Kelly Greenhill

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The Unipolar Moment- Charles Krauthammer • after Cold War, assumptions made (23) o the old bipolar world would beget a multipolar world with power dispersed to new centers in Japan, Germany, China, and a diminished Russia o the domesticAmerican consensus for an internationalist foreign policy, a consensus radically weakened by the experience in Vietnam, would substantially be restored now that policies and debates inspired “an ordinate fear of communism” could be safely retired o in the new post-Soviet strategic environment the threat of war would be dramatically diminished o all were wrong • immediate post-Cold War world was unipolar U.S.A. o Britain and France not up to military prowess as U.S. o Soviet Union in rapid decline o Germany and Japan economically successful o economic power alone ≠ geopolitical influence o U.S. had military, diplomatic, political, and economic influence o did America challenge Iraq’s regional hegemony? o is it the United Nations that has international power? or the United States o “True multilateralism involves a genuine coalition of coequal partners of comparable strength and stature… pseudo-multilateralism: a dominant great power acts essentially alone, but, embarrassed at the idea and still worshipping at the shrine of collective security, recruits a
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