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Kelly Greenhill

One World, Rival Theories—Walt • as sketched out by Stephen M. Walt in his book “One World, Many Theories, there are 3 dominant approaches in international relations that shape public discourse and policy analysis o realism  focuses on the shifting distribution of power among states  appreciates power, but warns against the possible consequences o liberalism  rising number of democracies and the turbulence of democratic transitions  “highlights the cooperative potential of mature democracies, especially when working together through effective institutions, but it also notes democracies’ tendency to crusade against tyrannies and the propensity of emerging democracies to collapse into violent ethnic turmoil” o updated idealism, known as constructivism  “illuminates the changing norms of sovereignty, human rights, and international justice, as well as the increased potency of religious ideas in politics”  a consensus is required for political stability, though that consensus is usually a cause for struggle and conflict • Is Realism Still Realistic? o “everyone loves to hate” o states still fight other states (even if the war on terror isn’t technically against a particular country)  acknowledgment is not given to actors who a
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