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Chapter 4

JCM 414 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Starbucks, Fiapf

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Kristen Warner

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1. For Peranson, in what ways are festivals similar to Starbucks franchises?
They are similar because there is one for every 5 feet like a Starbucks- they are
everywhere and every major city has a film festival like they have Starbucks.
2. What’s the “50 Films” example? What are 1-2 reasons that the 50 Films can’t
play at every festival? Why can’t Toronto play the Big 50 films?
Basically if there are 50 outstanding films, like everyone thinks there should be, that are
shown each year, there will be strict limitations to where they can be played. Due to the
business aspect and marketability of a film, it can only be shown at one festival at a time
to maximize its exposure or it can get lost amongst the rest. Toronto is unable to play the
Big 50 films because it is physically impossible to do so and they do not offer fees to pay
for such films.
3. What’s the difference between a Business Festival and an Audience Festival?
Give an example of each.
Audience festivals are focused on getting an audience and pleasing to the crowd with
often times, no business professionals around to cut deals. I.e. : Business festivals are
centered around getting acquisitions and purchasing the rights to distribute films. I.e.
Cannes Film Festival
4. What is the job of the sales agent? Name two of the big 6 Sales Agency for art
cinema. What parts do these big Sales Agencies play with regard to festivals
(there are at least 3)?
The job of a sales agent is to basically pitch the film to get purchased by distributors and
feature the components they want represented in the film (actors, writers, producers,
directors). They decide where the film will play, where the film will be sold to following
the festival, and they are the main representative of a film at a festival. Two examples
are Wild Bunch and Fortissimo.
5. How do the smaller festivals keep the larger festivals afloat in the core-
periphery relationship Peranson describes?
They keep them alive and afloat through word of mouth throughout the industry.
6. What is the result of sales agents viewing audiences as a negative?
It leads to less showings of the film because they believe the marketability is not there
and that word of mouth will play an influential role in the film’s overall performance.
7. With this system in mind, what’s the best way for a festival to attract films that
they want? Examples? What might be a big negative of doing things this way?
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