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Chapter 1

ASL 211 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Cochlear Implant, Deaf Culture, Sign Language

American Sign Language
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ASL 211

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Deaf community: Past and present
Culture: values, beliefs, social forms and traits of a group of people
Those values represent specific meanings, beliefs, and practices that guide the
group in individual and social development
Common perspectives of deaf people:
Unable to communicate
Limited in what they can do/learn
Unable to connect with the world
This perspective is often why many people look to medicine to “cure” hearing loss
Example: using hearing aids, cochlear implants and other devices to “help” deaf
people “hear”
Cultural vs. medical perspective:
Cochlear implants hurt the community
because the focus is on speaking and
hearing to “fit in” rather than focusing on
sign language which is visual AND
Cochlear implants support access to the
hearing world and help with speaking and
Deaf vs. deaf
deaf: individuals who typically rely on auditory assistance devices, use spoken language
over sign, and tend to socialize more with hearing people
Deaf: members of deaf culture, they use sign language and share similar beliefs,
customs, values and experiences. They mostly socialize with other culturally Deaf
Deaf Culture
Deaf people do not see themselves as tragically isolated from society- they often
look at the benefits of being Deaf
Beliefs, artistic expressions, behaviors and language that deaf people use
Some people are born into this culture, but others find it later in life after being
exposed to more Deaf people
Happens often in schools and colleges
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