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Chapter 2

PSY 321 Chapter 2: chapter 2

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PSY 321
Erica Nuss

1. Funder’s Second Law There are no perfect indicators of personality; there are only clues, and clues are always ambiguous. 2. Funder’s Third Law: Something beats nothing, two times out of three. 3. 4. S data 1) Ask the person directly 2) Self-judgment, the person simply tells the psychologist (usually on a questionnaire the degree to which he is dominant, or friendly, or conscientious. 3) 9 point scale 4) Face validity: they are intended to measure what seem to measure, on their face. They ask questions that are directly and obviously related to the construct they are designed to measure 5) Most common basis for personality assessment 6) Eg: rate your love potential 7) Advantage: a. A large amount of information b. Access to thoughts, feelings and intentions c. Definitional truth d. Casual force (self-verification: people work hard to bring others to treat them in a manner that confirms their self-conception) e. Simple and easy 8) Disadvantage: a. Maybe they won’t tell you b. Maybe they can’t tell you - Fish-and-water effect: people may be so used to the way they characteristically react and behave that their own actions stop seeming remarkable c. Too simple and too easy 5. I data 1) Ask somebody who knows 2) Judgments by knowledge informants about general attributes of the individual’s personality, such as traits 3) Important element: judgments, derive from somebody observing somebody else 4) Judgmental, subjective, irreducibly human 5) Advantage: a. Large amount of information b. Common sense c. Definitional truth d. Casual force 6) Disadvantage: a. Limited behavioral inf
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