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PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

February 10, 2014 Self-regulation Ways in which people control own actions • The “I’ • Agood thing: successful = meet goals o E.g. studying Video: Marshmallow experiment • Better life adjustment • Higher SAT scores Ego Depletion Ego Depletion (Baumeister et al.): • Self-regulation is taxing o Exerting self-control makes subsequent self-regulation less likely • Applies to decision making, too Muraven et al. (1998) Watch upsetting movie • 1/3 “suppress emotional responses” (self control) • 1/3 no instructions • 1/3 “really get into the film” DV: Hand-grip Results:  capacity to exert self-control after previously doing so Self-regulation is like a muscle • Can be fatigued and strengthened with practice Sugar helps • Gaillot et al. (2007): consuming glucose after initial act of self-control reduces ego depletion o Lemonade flavored with sugar vs. Splenda Baumeister et al. (1993) Self-esteem & self-regulation failure Based on 2 ideas: • HSE have clearer self-concepts o Know capabilities better o Should set more accurate goals • HSE sensitive to ego threat o Confidence turns to overconfidence o Should set unrealistic goals Study procedures Creativity test Manipulation: feedback • Success (no threat): “one of the highest scores” o Bright future in creative end
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