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February 17, 2014 Self-presentation Creating impressions Strategic self-presentation: process of convincing others of something about you • …in order to get something else (job, help, respect, etc) Other types of self-presentation Ingratiation Seeking acceptance and liking from others through flattery EX. Complimenting others so they like us more Intimidation Attempting to arouse fear and gain power by convincing others that you are powerful and/or dangerous EX. Bullying and blackmailing Modesty Underrepresenting your positive traits, contributions or accomplishments EX. Politicians thanking the audience for their support Self-Promotion Striving to convey positive information about the self through behavior/telling others EX. Talking about own accomplishments, interviews, political campaigns, online dating Exemplification Seeking to elicit perceptions of integrity and moral worthiness EX. Talking about how one find’s Jesus, talking about one’s honest opinion Supplication Advertising your weakness or dependence on others in order to avoid obligations and get others to help you EX.Acting sick in bed to get your roommate to do things for you Power of self-presentation Leary et al. (1994) Sociometer theory… • We have a need to be included with others Idea: we do stupid things in order to be included • Risk health for self-presentation
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