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University at Buffalo
PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

February 26, 2014 Social Cognition Thought processing How we think about social world 2 ways: • Explicit processing o Conscious o Typically effortful o Typical intentional EX. complex math problem (takes time and energy) • Implicit processing o Non-conscious o Effortless o Automatic EX. understanding language, basic multiplication Explicit vs. implicit Both: pluses and minuses Implicit: • Fast and easy • Inflexible Explicit • Takes effort • Flexible EX. learning language Cognitively busy (engaged in explicit?) • Implicit OK, explicit interrupted • Explicit processing only interferes with explicit processing, not implicit EX. driving a car and talking with a friend at the same time, less likely to feel interrupted EX. but doing a math problem while talking with a friend can disrupt explicit actions Abrupt transition? Hard to do? Thought suppression: • Attempting to prevent certain thoughts from entering consciousness • Involves both implicit and explicit cognition Wegner (1987) Report stream of consciousness for 5 mins while trying not to think of a white bear (suppression) • Ring a bell if they do N
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