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University at Buffalo
PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

February 28, 2014 Last time Explicit vs. Implicit processing Thought suppression How we think Short story: • People are cognitive misers o We try to think as little as possible • Use time/effort saving strategies… o EX. restaurant script, “spend the night” o …usually work, but not always This leaves us open to… Reasoning fallacies 2 types (not exhaustive): 1. We see what we expect 2. We see what we want Vowel and number study Most pickA& 2 (Wason, 1996) 2 can only confirm hypothesis, not disprove! 3 set number study • Any 3 set of numbers that increase • We tend to not pick things that disprove hypotheses We see what we expect Seek confirmatory info • Desire for hypothesis to be true o Not necessary! Confirmation seeking Snyder & Swann (1978) Task: determine if partner is… • Manipulation: introvert or extrovert Participants generated own questions • Typical introvert: “What do you like being about alone?” “What is the worst part of being at a large party?” • Typical extrovert: “What do you do to get to know people?” “How do you liven things up at a party?” These are leading questions! Leading questions elicited corresp
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