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University at Buffalo
PSY 331
Lindsey Streamer

February 19, 2014 Attributions - determined causes for outcomes • internal = something about you, your ability • external = something about the situation/environment, luck or other people EX. car accident “I am a terrible driver” vs “I was texting” (just a specific incident) or “it was the other driver’s fault” Self-handicapping - creating impediments (real or perceived) to own performance so as to affect attributions for success and failure • Doing vs. Talking Behavioral - actually negatively affect performance, you don’t try to do well • Men are more likely to do this Self-report - talking about low performance expectations • Women are more likely to do this Similar benefits to behavioral, but less destructive...(if you do poorly, you have an excuse as to why that isn't just your personal lack of ability or if you do great, you truly are awesome, even with the excuse, the reason to do poorly) Alcohol Jones and Berglas (1978) Starting point: alcohol consumption =  performance Alcohol consumption =  expectation for performance • For you and others Failure not a surprise • Given impediment, how could you do well? • Not due to your ability o External attribution – “unstable” Success is a surprise • Do well in spite of impediment • Say about you? o You must be really good! o Internal attribution – “stable” Benefit regardless of outcome Other ways to self-handicap? Why is alcohol so appealing? • Alcohol also  anxiety o Not as worried about performance • D
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